Terrorism Awareness Training for Law Enforcement

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HNCT, LLC. has training available for sworn U.S. police officers that better prepares law enforcement organizations in creating an effective plan to confront and counter the growing threat from homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) inspired by groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the U.S.  (2 hour class)

This class covers the following:

  • An overview of U.S. homegrown radicalization as it merges with violent extremism and terrorism.  These threats from localized U.S. individuals is the face of terrorism security dangers in all U.S. communities.
  • Further discussed is the Post 9-11 threat that includes radicalized U.S. and international personalities in communication with each other for a common nefarious agenda.
  • Current efforts to promote a U.S. grassroots “whole of community” approach that mitigates and intervenes in radicalization as well as countering violent extremism (CVE) is showcased.
  • This training is important as local law enforcement professionals define and identify the main terrorism threat as it builds at the community level.  Confronting these threats as they develop in the community is necessary in this current era of a much more decentralized terrorism risks.

Local Law Enforcement Terrorism Awareness is a two-day (16- hour) course of instruction.


This class covers the following: 

  • Post 9-11 threats from “lone wolf” & “street level” networks.
  •  Terrorism trends how it impacts  local police
  •  Overseas Counter Terrorism and  methods and how it impacts local police.
  • ISIS (history-expansion-U.S threat) and other dangerous terrorist groups.
  • Selected terrorism cases, recent major western attacks/tactics / weapons, and local police sharing State/federal agencies.
  •  Police 101 & terrorism.


Officers completing this course will have a better understanding of these 21st terrorism threats.

Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas

U.S. Army National Guard/Reserve 

Training Class

  • This class covers radicalization and terrorism issues as developing in USSOUTHCOM region.  This training is designed to assist Guardsmen and other military members, assigned to support the State Partnership Program (SPP), in carrying out capacity building missions with partner nation forces that focus on countering burgeoning ISIS/Al-Qaeda related terrorism threats in the region.
  • A review of well-documented radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism issues in North America accompanies the showcasing of this type ongoing activity in South America and the Caribbean.  This provides a comprehensive understanding of terrorist activity (particularly ISIS related) as developing in the entire western hemisphere.
  • Recommendations and review of multifaceted law enforcement tactics, successful in countering terrorism activity in Iraq and Afghanistan (under the local Rule of Law), are showcased.
  • This class gives better awareness and information to formulate tasks for counter-terrorism related capacity building in the USSOUTHCOM AOR.

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