HNCT Cutting Edge= Experience + Knowledge + Results

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Experience – HNCT, LLC. experts have taken the lessons learned from domestic and foreign law enforcement and security-based operations to create the foundation for enabling the problem solving and training of a diverse set of clients.

Knowledge – From addressing various neighborhoods and community crime issues in large U.S. cities to creating, implementing and leading successful programs in confronting international terrorists, local violent insurgencies and criminal networks in Afghanistan and Iraq; HNCT, LLC. has diverse knowledge for global problem-solving and local training needs.

Results – HNCT, LLC. has created and crafted international consulting programs that merge career law enforcement experiences and state-of-the-art technology to fulfill the security needs of clients. HNCT, LLC. has developed training programs for U.S. local police in different aspects of terrorism awareness as well as for U.S. partner nation security forces in aspects of proven law enforcement procedures and tactics.

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