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Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas

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HNCT continues developing training programs to better educate on 21st Century terrorism threat dynamics.  The latest Webinar is Homegrown Radicalization and Terrorism in the Americas.  
This session takes a wider approach as it discusses these type dangers in all of the Western Hemisphere.  Over the last two years, North American’s have been inundated by info of ISIS and Al-Qaeda related activity in the U.S. homeland and Canada.  ISIS recruitment and radicalization issues, facing other countries in our hemisphere, have not been showcased in the media.

There has been a significant number of citizens in South America and the Caribbean headed to ISIS territory in Syria/Iraq as well as radicalized at home.  A little known ominous fact is areas of the Caribbean have one of the highest percentages of foreign fighters to ISIS.  These Caribbean born fighters are calling for sympathizers in the region to attack at home.   As ISIS loses territory in the Middle East, these combat hardened fighters will be heading back home to the region.   This creates the potential of a dire terrorist threat to the entire western hemisphere.

Terrorism Awareness Training for Law Enforcement

HNCT, LLC. has training available for sworn U.S. police officers that better prepares law enforcement organizations in creating an effective plan to confront and counter the growing threat from homegrown violent extremists (HVEs) inspired by groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

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